Monday, 21 October 2013


Author: Paul H. Boge
     Publisher: Horizon Press
Publication Date: November 2009

I've marked this 5*s for 'amazing' not just in writing
[Canadian author Paul Boge],
but the content of an amazing life well lived. 

Harry Lehotsky is such a well known and well remembered person, I now know a lot more of the reasons why. Boge's biography fills in the past that formed Harry's foundations and the life that resulted. His journey to reach Winnipeg, Canada's prairie centre, and Winnipeg's own centre, where he spent his life caring for the people, many who had stopped caring for themselves. Fighting for justice and right decisions for the people and in government decisions that would affect the people. Using the voice he'd been given in every way he could to better the area for the people who lived there.

His innovative efforts and methods in founding affordable housing renovation projects, the Ellice cafe to integrate blue collar, white collar and no collar patrons [dear to my own heart as my son donated his time and muscles in creating the unique floor of the cafe], Ellice theatre for music, theatre and movie events at affordable cost, and an alternative church for all to be welcomed and included.

A challenging read that inspires gratitude for Harry's life - lived and shared.

SO pleased to have had the opportunity to read this book and meet Harry in depth.

Hoping you  have the opportunity to meet this 'Canadian' hero in your reading journeys.