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Seeing with Wonder, Respect, and Humility

Author:  Howard J Zehr
Publisher:  Good Books
Publication Date:  March 2005

Fascinating look at photography as a newway of seeing from restorative justice pioneer and accomplished photographer, Howard Zehr. Ignoring the rules absorbed over time, embracing wonder and openness in seeing one's world and self. "Instead of Descartes' stance of doubt..approach life and the world in an attitude of wonder...begins with appreciation rather than openness to possibilities."

Encouraged to become aware of light and shadow; pattern and placement; in composing and in spiritual insights. Journalling the journey of discovery with one's camera as companion.

Zehr's own notes and quotes from various sources inspirit the reader to look anew at the familiar, remaining receptive to what the space is offering. Receive from it. A helpful chart offers definition in comparing typical photography perspective as 'taking' vs photography as 'receiving'. Focus on final product vs process; expose' vs revelation; aggression vs respect. All challenging to personal thought regarding the act of photographing and effects on the results of the act.

Each chapter of informed discussion is followed with purposeful exercises to implement and explore the theme discussed. I anticipate more amazing learning by experimenting with his practical activities. Reflecting on the results is the valued takeaway.

Zehr admits, "I have written this book in part to encourage myself to slow down, to heighten my imagination, to renew myself while I gain a new view of the creation and the creator."
The same influencing reasons I chose to read the book. I was not disappointed.

Highly recommended. For information. For inspiration.

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Tonight's Author Hangout at Christian eBook Deals features Andrew Davis in 
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Author: Dr. Andrew M. Davis
Foreword: Nathan A. Finn

Publisher: Ambassador International
Download: /

After we’ve come to faith in Christ, God leaves us in this world for a very clear purpose: his own glory. But how are we to glorify God for the rest of our lives? The Bible reveals that God has laid before every Christian two infinite journeys which we are to travel every day: the internal journey of growth into Christlike maturity, and the external journey of worldwide evangelism and missions. This book is a road map for the internal journey, laying out how we are to grow in four major areas: knowledge, faith, character, and action. In this book, we’ll learn how God grows us in knowledge, faith, character, and action. We’ll also discover that spiritual knowledge constantly feeds our growing faith, faith will transform our character, our transformed character will result in an array of actions more and more glorifying to God, and our actions will feed our spiritual knowledge. This upward spiral will lead us to become more and more like Jesus Christ in holiness. And not only will this book help us understand Christian growth in detail, it will also give us a passion to grow every day for his glory. - from Christian eBook site

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