Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Review: Hiddeness and Manifestation [Being With God] book 1 author Graham Cooke

Hiddenness and Manifestation is an interactive journal and book number one in Graham Cooke's Being With God series. 

These books are filled with great teaching and interactive exercises, making them ideal for both personal and small group study. 

In Hiddenness and Manifestation, Graham Cooke looks at the seasons of God's presence. Why is it that sometimes God's presence is so overtly with us, yet at other times seems strangely absent? What is God doing during those times? Is it our fault? Has He withdrawn from us for some reason? These are some of the questions that are answered as the "hiddenness" of God is illustrated from the Scriptures. 

An absolute must-read for anyone who is struggling in the dark night of the soul, or feeling distant from the Lord. Incredibly encouraging, gentle, and life-bringing!

Hiddenness and Manifestation: What Is Really Happening When God Doesn't Seem to Be Present? 
author Graham Cooke
publisher Brilliant BookHouse

Yes! light bulbs blazing as Truth expressed and explored.. 
The ebb and flow of God's seasons .
Hiddenness for training - Manifestation for experience. 
ALL beautiful!  Developing God's image in us..

Thank You, Graham, for teaching and training us to see with new eyes of understanding - perspectives we need to live in understanding of God and God's ways; for attending to God's ways that bring Peace, Rest and Joy!

GO. Get yourself a copy.  Paperbook or eBook at

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