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Review: Ragged Hope:Surviving the Fallout of Other People's Choices by Cynthia Ruchti

Ragged Hope: Surviving the Fallout of Other People's Choices

Released July 1st by Abingdon Press:

In the words of author Cynthia Ruchti, 
Ragged Hope: Surviving the Fallout of Other People's Choices, is "a celebration of the resiliency of the human spirit, the courageous resolve of those determined to survive despite the fallout of other people's choices, and the exquisite redemptive power of the God who can wring beauty from ashes."

Filled with story after story of western society's realities, it would be hard not to be aware of or personally affected by situations depicted in Ragged Hope.  Job loss, lack of life insurance, HIV Aids from a loved one, pre-retirement redundancy, raising grandchildren, infidelity, post natal depression, only a shortlist.  A practical book, providing thoughtful responses the reader can employ when confronted with just such situations and those personally affronted, challenges to complacency, and scriptures to guide our responses. 

Examples cover a wide range of losses experienced by so many in the world of our day. In mentioning the few I risk missing the one that may benefit your issue or area of struggle. I was impacted throughout the book's many examples, both personally and responsively. The overarching theme that God carries all such damaged and wounded people dear and near His heart, offering the only Hope that provides strength and inspirits with anticipation. "It's an expectation based on the belief that God cares and that He can reach through the fallout to redeem, revive, refresh, restore..." rather than living stymied by recycling regrets, resentment, and retribution.

Psalm 107 is the template to which Ms Ruchti refers us.  Whatever the life distress, "In their trouble they cried to ADONAI, and He rescued them from their distress..." with the expected response being, "Let them give thanks to ADONAI for His grace, for His wonders bestowed on humanity!"  The conclusion?  "Let whoever is wise observe these things and consider ADONAI's loving deeds." [CJB]

A book of Hope, courage and encouragement for the recipients of injustices and those who care.  
An eye opening call to compassion.  
A recommended reading resource.

*Appreciation to Abingdon Press for an ecopy to read and review without obligation.


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