Thursday, 29 November 2012

Review: Four ELements - Reflections on Nature author John O'Donohue

Always a challenge to contemplative thinking, Irish poet and philosopher, John O'Donohue, brings spiritual understanding using concepts of air, water, fire, stone.. 
I appreciated his exploring aspects of air as applicably descriptive of Ruach Ha'kodesh - Holy Spirit ~ the breath of God.

O'Donohue's quote from a 13th century portion of a Persian prayer poem continues its resonance in me ~ 

"Be a full bucket pulled up the dark way 
Of a well, then lifted out into light." 

While not in agreement with every theological thought, there is much to enjoy in the exploration...

Four Elements: Reflections on Nature
author: John O'Donohue
publisher: Harmony Oct 11.11

"From the beloved author of the bestselling To Bless the Space Between Us and Anam Cara comes a new work that shares his insights on nature and the ancient wisdom of this earth.

John O'Donohue won hundreds of thousands of admirers with his now classic work on Celtic spirituality Anam Cara. Unfortunately he died suddenly at age fifty-two just as his book of blessings, To Bless the Space Between Us, was being published. The loss of his powerfully wise and lyrical voice has been profoundly missed, but his many readers are given a special opportunity to revisit John in a new book based on a series of papers he wrote on the elements of water, stone, air, and fire, now published here for the first time. O'Donohue's readers know him as both a spiritual guide and a poet, and in this work he exhibits both qualities, sharing his Celtic heritage and his love for his native landscape in the west of Ireland. As O'Donohue explores a range of themes relating to the way we live our lives today, he reveals how the energy and rhythm of the natural world—its innocence and creativity, its power and splendor—hold profound lessons for us all. With a foreword written by his beloved brother, Pat, this illuminating book is an inspired reflection on the ancient wisdom of the earth." [Goodreads]

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