Thursday, 27 December 2012

Review: Beholding and Becoming - Being With God series book 4 author Graham Cooke

An interactive journal filled with practical guidance in the form of prayers, exercises, actions and meditations woven throughout the text. Readers are encouraged to work through each book and chart their progress as they seek to further their personal journey of walking with and being with God.

In 'Beholding and Becoming' Graham teaches us how to live in the 'consistent nature of God' and explains that knowing his heart towards us will enable us to walk with Him in an outrageous adventure of faith!'

"You carry a profound and unfathomable call on your life, placed there by God... It is fresh and new and completely beyond your natural ability to accomplish. God has called you to do something you cannot possibly do..." 
~from the introduction by Graham Cooke

Beholding and Becoming [Being With God book 4]
author Graham Cooke
publisher Brilliant BookHouse 

We become what we focus upon.
Another essential book of new perspective in our life and growth as followers of Christ.

I found it a great Advent addition to our focus on the coming of Christ and all that affects in living life and pursuing His nature.

These lovely interactive journals challenge much typical thought and theology. 

They also include great participatory exercises that bring the new ways of thinking into new ways of being. 

Highly recommended. 

ebook versions also available at Brilliant Bookhouse

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