Sunday, 13 January 2013

Review: The Holy Wild - Trusting in the Character of God author Mark Buchanan

Our perception of God makes a difference in every crevice of our character, from our inner anxieties to our public conversations. It determines whether we're trusting or suspicious, whether we're happy or discontent - and whether or not we can rely on God matters mightily on the day of our death. Mark Buchanan's third book continues his penetrating exploration of the God we worship. Bravely and honestly, he poses the direst question of human existence: Can God be trusted?
God Is _________. 
How do you describe the Creator of the universe, the Maker of your inmost being? Your first chosen word for the blank space above reveals your perception of Him. Right or wrong, it defines every crevice of who you are. 
Wouldn’t you rather be right? 
Journey now into the holy wild and walk with the God who is surprising, dangerous, and mysterious. But is He good? Can you trust Him? 
Accept the invitation to explore places you have not dared to go. And find the answer for yourself. [Multnomah]

The Holy Wild: Trusting in the Character of God 
by Canadian author, Mark A. Buchanan
publisher: Multnomah

A book of challenging thought, provoking reflection and contemplation. Take your time savouring the new and unique flavours captured in expositions of the Good Samaritan, Shabbat ‘rest’, ‘faithlessness’, etc. Time well spent and well rewarded.

I was captivated by unusual insights into our own natures such as: 
“The pleasure of treasure hunting is a quirk of instinct. God wired us for this, that the simple act of searching out hidden things --- would stir our deepest blood... to risk, to dare...”

“ be whole..healthy to the marrow, without the sour breath of envy, the..stunting in our limbs that greed or suspicion causes. Free. Unburdened by those many things that, promising to fulfil us, only betray us.” 

Instructional endnotes and references to works used in research, support and aid further personal review.

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