Saturday, 23 February 2013

Review: Towards a Powerful Inner Life [Being With God series] author Graham Cook

Book 5 of the Interactive Journal Being With God series.
"The Journey of Developing an internal Spirituality when overwhelmed by external circumstances" 

We are beings at war with ourselves. Inside each of us are 2 parts in conflict: a soul - otherwise known as the outer man - and a spirit - also known as the inner man. These 2 parts of the whole strive for complete control of who you are. Each desperately wants to run the show, but only one can. With the soul in control, we are ruled by our emotions and external circumstances. If we can learn to submit our outer man to our inner man, nothing from the outside world will be able to shake who we are in Christ. [Brilliant Bookhouse]

Great clarifications. New perspectives. Foundational essentials to living spiritually strong.
61 pages of Highly recommended, life changing reading. 

Interactive exercises included for practical life applications and furthering what has been learned are helpful additions.

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