Thursday, 25 April 2013

Review: The Way New Living Translation Bible by Tyndale House Publishers

Tyndale House Publishers took a nostalgic, creative step in March 2012 to release their new Bible, The Way. Originally published in the '70s Tyndale's editors decided to revive the coolness, updated for today's culture.

Using new writing via the New Living Translation, incorporating first hand, life reality stories with relevant b/w photos, they followed in the radical steps of the original - moving from from text only to text illustrated with graphics and commentary. 

Reflections on what it means to live in The Way of Jesus are transparent in both search and discovery. Real stories from real people. Life in process. Joy and lament. All contibutors are acknowledged and listed in the intro, making it easy to find someone you might know.

Over 170 commissioned black+whites connect readers visually to the God Who breathed The Word being presented. Jonny Baker has contributed beautifully. In fact, both the inner and back covers are a great solitary shot of an outward looking Jonny as relevant illustration. Be sure to find more on Jonny's work online 

The back of the The Way includes a 10 page alphabetically arranged index of the featured life stories. Also, 28 pages provide searchability for verses arranged by topic.

The Way is available in softcover [my review copy], HC and a leatherlike black version. I found the font vs white space made reading comfortable; lots of room to rest the eyes. Stops along The Way to annotate the reading were genuinely insightful, containing good knowledge with references to the scriptures being discussed.

I have been a long-time fan of the NLT since its inception in 1996. Seeing it in this handy sized book format makes it all the more accessible to readers. No larger than a typical novel, it is easily transportable. I find it an all round Life giving and life impacting reference manual, connecting readers with followers of The Way of Christ throughout the world.

Highly recommended for anyone curious about The Way of Christ...

Thank You to Tyndale Publisher's forward thinking Bible publishing - envisioning the possibilities and stepping into the gap.

Bible received without obligation for my perspectives. Review posted to Tyndale Rewards - 

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