Saturday, 15 June 2013

Free Audiobook: The Awakening of Hope - Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove

The Awakening of Hope: Why We Practice a Common Faith
by Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove

According to Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove, faithful action is always inspired and sustained by common convictions---the basic truths that have sustained God's people throughout every generation. The Awakening of Hope represents Christian faith by beginning with stories of faithful witness and asking, Why? Why do Christians eat together? Why do we fast? Why would we rather die than kill? These are the questions that help us see why creation and the fall, covenant and community, ethics and evangelism, matter. This book is a contemporary catechism, celebrating lives and stories that wouldn't make sense if the gospel were not true.

Going one step further, this project shares the good news of Jesus and the way of life that he makes possible. - GoBible

"In his latest book, The Awakening of HopeHartgrove doesn’t get bogged down in ... statements about what Christians should avoid. In fact, he does just the opposite. Jonathan outlines a beautiful manifesto of what Christians are for and dusts off the spiritual practices that have distinguished Christians for centuries. But he doesn’t just dust them off. He digs deep into practices – from fasting to promises to intentional living. Jonathan even goes so far as to live these practices out and comes back to tell us how it went!" - RLC editor

“This book is good news…a magnificent report on lived theology, not just theological ideas and truths, but storied theology, the kind that we find in our Scriptures.” – Eugene Peterson, translator of The Message

Audio Book available FREE during June 2013
Author: Jonathan Wilson-HartgroveOriginally Published: 2012Format: Unabridged Normal Price: $14.99 FREE thru June 30th

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