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Review: Finding Your Voice in the Psalms author Elizabeth J Canham

Finding Your Voice in the Psalms:
An Invitation to Honest Prayer
published April 1.13 by Upper Room Books
Rev Dr Elizabeth Canham author

I loved this book by Dr Canham. Personable and practical. It makes the Psalms available and applicable ...

The Psalms are ancient Hebrew prayers addressing our
experiences in life even today.
Heartfelt responses of joy, sorrow, lament, praise,
they encourage free expression by example set.
Music, dance, movement, all are part of worshipping God.
In reading another's open heart toward God,
we discover God's open heart is turned toward us.

Dr. Canham models praying with the Psalms
including the silent pause that begins the reading
and ends each line,
making room for hearing the Voice of Holy Spirit
and dwelling in God's nurturing Presence.
Moving from our own voice - allowing for God's transformative work.

Lectio Divina is beautifully outlined and explained
for readers instruction and use.
A process for creating our own Psalm in response to our life's
hope, joy, need, gratitude, desire, loss, injustice, grief...
either individually or in a group, is also described.

Written with insights gained whilst living
in a Benedictine monastery,
accessible writing style for instruction and understanding,
it is an invitation to intentional living in awareness, present to God.
Moving counter-culturally from constant restless 'doing' to rest -
to 'being' - still - living at rest.
Ps 116.7 'Return, O my soul, to your rest'
the place of restoration - the still waters and pastures where
'He restores my soul' Psalm 23.3

'Finding Your Voice in the Psalms: An Invitation to Honest Prayer'
is an invitation worth accepting.
Highly recommended!

*Thank you to Upper Room Books for the opportunity to read and review
'Finding Your Voice in the Psalms' without obligation.

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