Monday, 13 May 2013

Review: Majestic and Wild author Murray Pura

 "...get up and get outside to experience the grandeur of God. In "Majestic and Wild," pastor, writer, and avid outdoorsman Murray Pura weaves his real-life adventures with spiritual inspiration and life lessons, capturing the majestic and wild creation that God has set before us all. From animal encounters to wildfires to raging rapids to Daniel Boone hunts and buffalo stampedes, the stories range from dramatic and suspenseful to light-hearted and whimsical. Each story is woven with spiritual lessons not easily learned from sitting in a pew. 
A great gift for wives to give to their husbands and kids to give to their dads, "Majestic and Wild" will entertain and inspire anyone with a sense of adventure and a love for the great outdoors." [Goodreads]

Majestic and Wild: by Canadian author, Murray Pura
published by Baker Books 
released April 15.13

Inspiring adventures in the wilds of Canada, Canadian author, Murray Pura, provides greater glimpses into the majesty and beauty of our country and Creator.

From camping tales to heroics, we journey outback trails and wilderness with Pura. Sometimes solitary, sometimes in company with his family or wild menagerie. But always with increased insights into the ways of nature and of God.

Pura's writings vividly portray roaring mountain rivers to the dance of the Aurora Borealis; scents of the pine to freshly falling rainshowers.
Captivating stories of forest fires consuming vast areas of forest and relational loneliness of isolation in the midst of overwhelming beauty.

Spiritual insights are offered with gentleness; woven naturally into the fabric of the adventure. Some quotes of note-

"The wild is one of the best regions to rediscover your faith." 

"A wild place in the wet is altogether different. There is a hush, the birds are not calling... everything is waiting for the rain to finish its work..."

"The woods during a long rain are a gift from God, custom made for deep thought... for worship of God that is personal and profound..."

"..rainfall is seen as a nuisance or inconvenience.. when, in fact, its beauty can offer us rare experiences if only we enter into it. Unfortunately, we withdraw from many of life's trials and challenges which could be transforming if properly embraced."

"we need to pray for a fearless heart that retreats from nothing but faces everything"

Pura adds nature quotes from various others such as Luther, Browning and Muir and relevant writings that illustrate the scriptures referenced in each chapter.

Highly recommended for all who enjoy adventure and well suited for gift giving such as Father's Day or birthdays.

Thank you, Murray, for sharing these enlightening perspectives on your abundant spiritual journeys.

Gratefully received from Baker Books for reading and review without obligation. 

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