Monday, 6 May 2013

Review: The Lifestyle of a Prophet author James Goll

The Lifestyle of a Prophet:
A 21 Day Journey to Embracing Your Calling -
has proved to be a solid and insightful manual on the topic of Christian prophetic living. As the author reveals, a prophet is being God's confidante. The book takes us on a learning journey in what is required to fulfill that call.

Divided into 3 sections, the foundational piece is Intimacy of relationship with Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Section 2 covers the Wisdom required, and 3rd is Revelation. The ordering is intentional. A prophetic lifestyle begins in intimacy of relationship, and must gain wisdom and character before receiving and delivering revelation. 

Each section provides 7 days of writing on each theme; each day's discussion ends in a prayer, followed by interactive questions on the topic of the day. It would be ideal to begin the book with a journal in order to record your responses to the questions. They encourage deeper thought and process in revealing more than the reader's surface reaction. Inner growth is definitely an intended outcome as the questions are challenging. These challenges would be welcomed by those readers intent on "Embracing [Their] Calling".

I found the daily readings encompass each topic with a thorough investment of knowledge from the author's perspective, abundant scriptural references, and quotations from others in the prophetic realm, both past and present. Language used makes for ease of reading and understanding.

Here's one quote of note that describes the prophetic lifestyle in a nutshell. From the beginning of section 3. "The true prophet is at a crosscurrent with society, challenges others to be like Jesus, carries a tailor-made cross and dies daily to self! ... So are you sure you want to be a prophet or even live a prophetic lifestyle?"

The amount of material covered, along with the comprehensive scripture inclusion, makes this an ideal reference resource. Combined with the reader's own journal of responses gleaned during the study, it creates a solid foundational piece for both beginners and those seasoned desiring prophetic giftings that enable becoming God's confidante through a lifestyle of intimacy, wisdom and revelation.

My recommendation would include both, as well as readers sensing a call to know more about living a prophetic Christian lifestyle. A lifestyle of seeing, hearing, attending to what's given, then declaring in response to what God has given.

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